Solidarity, Democracy, and Environmental Stewardship: the next “killer app”


Triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder participation, disruptive innovation: these aren’t just buzzwords thrown around in trendy MBA programs. If you peel away the jargon, these words are lived experiences of campesino entrepreneurs in Honduras who work with Red COMAL. Red COMAL (Alternative Community Marketing Network) is a Honduras-based network of small-scale farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperatives […]

Viva Fund: Support Youth Leaders in El Salvador


Today, we kick off the 5th annual Viva Fund Campaign. Please join us in celebrating the vibrant young leaders, taking control of their lives and investing in the future of their communities. Over the next six weeks, we will be sharing stories from the Youth Program and raising money to support their continued efforts. Donate […]

Food Sovereignty Victory in El Salvador


Together with Oxfam and Fundación Redes, we presented a recently released analysis of the Salvadoran government’s seed program at the public forum “Planting Seeds for Food Sovereignty in El Salvador.” The event had over 200 people in attendance, including farmers, community members, the Minister of Agriculture, legislators, non-government organizations, and public institutions. The studying outlined […]

Large Swells Cause Damage on El Salvador’s Coast

El Sal waves 1

 Since May 2, coastal communities in El Salvador have been reeling from damage caused by severe high tide.  Thankfully, our partners in the Bay of Jiquilisco experienced minimal damage from this phenomenon.  Coastal communities located in “La Libertad”, or central El Salvador, however, were not so lucky.  Over a hundred family businesses that rely on […]

El Salvador and the Right to Water: Now what?


One way or another, El Salvador is going to have to get a handle on its water supply. In the most water-stressed country in Central America, over 90% of the country’s surface water, from places like rivers and streams, is not considered safe for drinking. Census data shows that in 2011, some 28% of rural […]

Still Awaiting Results after Elections in El Salvador


Over the last 10 years El Salvador has implemented a number of progressive policies to improve transparency throughout the democratic process and assure voters’ rights. EcoViva has supported this progress by partnering with SHARE to support international observers for the past two elections. I had the privilege of assuming this role for the March 1st […]

Farmer cooperatives, not Monsanto, supply El Salvador with seed

Corn seed

In the face of overwhelming competition skewed by the rules of free trade, farmers in El Salvador have managed to beat the agricultural giants like Monsanto and Dupont to supply local corn seed to thousands of family farmers. Local seed has consistently outperformed the transnational product, and farmers helped develop El Salvador’s own domestic seed […]

100,000 Sea Turtles Released in El Salvador!

MC event.7

Last week, the community of Montecristo celebrated completing the first phase of the “Quelonia” project, named after the Spanish classification for turtles and spearheaded by FIAES. During the peak of sea turtle season (August-January), community members incubated 125,000 eggs in the community run hatchery and released a total of 100,000 baby sea turtles, surpassing its […]

Communities Organized for Sustainable Resource Management

Mangrove channel

Happy World Wetlands Day! Winding through the river canals that branch off the Bay of Jiquilisco, my colleague from the Mangrove Association points out the five native mangrove species, numerous birds and reptiles, and overall diversity of life that inhabits the forests. Mangroves and their firmly perched roots sustain an impressive ecosystem. The maze-like network […]